DANCEmandala – online (live) Tuesday with Areeradh & Suzie

Dear Friends and fellow Dancer,

DANCEmandala Tuesday will be offered as an online session on Zoom platform during this next few months as I am now away in the UK. Please come and virtually explore your dance and connect with our global dance community. I have been developing DM online full time since April and found that DANCEmandala Virtual live session has an added dimension, a different flavour, a new magic if I share my own experience. The process is not an easy one to start up for both dancer and facilitator. Patience and a sense of openness and adventure are needed.

Zoom virtual platform for group activities has become more and more effective in its services and security. I can personally recommend adding online movement practice with us and explore the vastness of virtual space and possibility as well as keeping and deepening connection. I hope you will join us soon.

Warmest wishes,


Join us from your own home/space to move your body with the flow of DANCEmandala intelligent map and transformational process. All welcome.

How to Join us

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(1.) REGISTER to reserve your spot and get an access link. Go to REGISTER/GET ACCESS

(2.) ATTEND from a computer lap top or a mobile devices with a camera, headphone or external speaker. Please read ‘Notes for Participants’ below to make sure you are well-prepared for the session.

(1.) PAY AFTER or pay now. Thank you for your support and for keeping the energy flowing for all of us. See you soon!

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Notes for Participants –  Please read

Computer device

We recommend that your device is in a good working condition. An up-to-date computer laptop is best for visuals and an immersing experience as you can see more of the virtual dance space. However, a tablet and mobile phone are fine to use if your WiFi is stable. Make sure to close all other applications on your computer to avoid any interference or slowing down of your Zoom connection.

Audio devices

Quality external speakers, in-ear or a headset with cable to connect to your computer. Using a cable connection is more stable than using a Bluetooth signal.  Any good smart phone ear plug will work fine.

Internet cable or a stable WIFI signal

A stable internet connection is necessary for the best experience. We recommend connecting a cable directly from your internet router to your device if possible. Make sure you turn off all other devices in your location to avoid slowing your internet.

Find a private place for your session

Please make sure you can not be disturbed by household members or pets and turn off any phones that are not being used. Prepare your room so that it is contained, comfortable and risk-free and has enough space for you to move your body safely. Also make sure that you can have more time after the session to rest and be still.


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Oct 06 2020


18:00 - 19:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 06 2020
  • Time: 07:00 - 08:00


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