An experiential process to expand your consciousness.
Innerdance Energy Work is similar to a meditation process. We observe what is happening on the inner and outer levels of our consciousness through the intentional space that is created.

This is not dancing in the traditional sense. Instead, participants lie down and are guided into relaxation. A playlist is used and carries a specific sequence of brainwave frequencies, similar to binaural beats. The body picks up these sound vibrations to open up your consciousness.

You may experience various forms of movement as a release or to gain information and awareness about yourself. This may be: visual, emotional, physical, or energetic. Your experience will be unique to where you are at on your life journey.

The main benefits :
  • Observing the mind
  • Healing
  • Insight
  • Clarity
  • Release

Class level: All welcome. Please refrain from caffeine at least 2 hours before the session. Wear clothes that will be comfortable to lie down.

About our teachers

This 2 hour process will be guided by two innerdance facilitators with a combined background in: craniosacral therapy, TRE, Chi Nseng, meditation, yoga, dance, QiGong, and intuitive work. Participants will receive light touch and energy work (similar to Reiki) during the session and an oracle card at the end.

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